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La Salle Sisters of Guadalupe (H.G.S.) in the Philippines

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Our History

Origin of the Catholic Religious Institute of the La Salle Sisters of Guadalupe (H.G.S.)



Our Catholic Religious Institute was founded by the Servant of God, Bro. John Fromental Cayroche, a member of the Catholic Religious Congregation of Brothers of the Christian Schools; also known as Christian Brothers. He was born in Chauvets, Lozere in France on June 27th, 1895. Took habit in the Brothers Institute and as profess of temporary vows was sent to Cuba. His missionary itinerary brought him through:
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Cuba (Where he made his Perpetual Profession)
  • Then as Perpetually Professed, he was sent to Mexico City.
  • 19 years in France and then returned to Mexico, where he delivered his soul in God's hands.

 After 20 years of apostolic service, he was Inspired to start the First Feminine Congregation with the Lasallian Charism, placed under the patronship of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared in Mexico in 1531; Bro. John Fromental received the approval of the Church of his daughters. The first name was: Sisters of the Christian Schools of Holy Mary of Guadalupe. This name, evolved through the years. The second name was Lasallian Oblates Guadalupana Sisters. Finally the Holy See ajusted its name when granted the Pontifical Approval as it is know today: Hermanas Guadalupanas de La Salle (H.G.S.)  or La Salle Sisters of Guadalupe (English name).  The Founder underwent different situations which proved his virtue: he was separated from his newly established Congregation for almost 20 years, when he was sent to his home land: France. God purified him in the fire of moral and physical suffering. He knew to discover in everthing God's Will and accepted it with peace and joy. He gladly was reunited with his daughters on September 4th, 1971. He met the flourishing Congregation; which he left in the hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He witnessed the Silver Anniversary of the HGS.

After two years, on December 5th, 1978, Bro. Juanito died in the Peace of the Lord. His testimony of self-giving to God it's a living testimony of a person who sustained the Consecration God made of himself since Baptism, and reafirmed in the Religious Vows.

The Servant of God, Bro. John Fromental C., FSC
in the garden of the first convent of the Foundation

The vocational process is necessary in order to identify the authentic Call to be a HGS. Consecrated Life is a call which belongs Only to God to make. The process of Formation lasts all through life, to perfect the following of Jesus Christ, our model.